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5 Tips to Help Safeguard your Wards from Kidnappers

With the recent abduction of some staff and students of Nigerian-Turkish International College, it is time we worked together as a society to forestall future occurrences. This is not just government or some people’s responsibilities. We all should take responsibility for the safety of our children. I have these FIVE tips that will help us reduce drastically the risk of our wards being kidnapped.

Research has shown that most abduction cases are aided by insiders. The insider provides intel on how to move and when to move. So, the best approach, which I will be discussing in this article, to curbing kidnapping is cutting out every possible means they might want to employ from within.


Be careful of what you post on social media. They are means these evil people use to keep tabs on you. Don’t announce family vacations or give sensitive information about yourself or family on social media. I will even advise that you leave your children’s pictures out of social media, especially the ones with school uniform. Use privacy settings to shut out the public from viewing some of your activities. Carefully consider the people you add on your platforms also. Not all friend requests are truly from friends.


Don’t just entrust your kids into hands blindly. Know who your domestic staff are. Get guarantors from your drivers, house helps, nannies, security guards, etc., who will be ready to indemnify you against any eventuality. This will reduce the chances of any of domestic staff aiding outsiders in kidnapping you or your wards. Also, encourage your wards’ school to conduct verification on all their staff members, teaching and non-teaching alike. It’s your right to know who your children make contact with daily if they have criminal records or not.

BCI is tested and trusted in Domestic Staff Check. They will help you uncover the true identity of whoever your domestic staff are. The charges are affordable and are nothing compared to the safety of your children.


Learn to treat your domestic staff with courtesy and not like slaves. Do your best not to owe them. Don’t haul unpleasant words on them. They are humans too. Some kidnap cases are actually stories of domestic staff who just sort a way of avenging themselves of the ill-treatment meted to them by their bosses.


Always be conscious of changes in your staff’s attitude, countenance, etc. Ask questions when you notice strange behaviours. And be conscious of your environment too. Don’t hesitate to report strange movements in your vicinity to security operatives. Don’t be scared of being offensive to the person. It’s better to be offensive and apologise than being a victim.


People do their best sometimes and still fail. If God doesn’t watch over us, our efforts will be mere time wasting. Let’s learn to commit our ways to God’s hand always.

However, this is not to excuse the part we are to play in safeguarding our wards. Let’s play our part, let God play His.

For more advice and information on verification, call 01-3426267, 01-3426268, 08099305143, mail [email protected][email protected]

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