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It was a terrible sight in one of the wards of Lincoln Private Hospital on Lagos Island. Many couldn’t believe anyone came out of Mr. Collins’ terribly damaged 2018 Toyota Highlander. It was a ghastly road accident after his driver, Kojo had tossed the car into a ditch right before it somersaulted god-knows-how-many-times and found a resting place for itself inside a nearby bush.

With his motionless body designed with bandages and his legs hanging in the air, he wondered why Kojo had raced into a ditch that was that obvious.

‘I’m pretty sure he does not drink, so what could have been the matter?’, Mr. Collins asked no one in particular.

Just then, two corporately-dressed young professionals were ushered in by the medical doctor. They are field support officers from Background Check International (BCI), who he had earlier consulted to run a background screening exercise on Kojo before he employed him but couldn’t afford to wait for the two-week turnaround time given for the screening exercise to be concluded.

‘Kojo has been battling with Astigmatism for years which has left him half-blind. In fact, this is exactly what cost him his last two jobs as a driver’, one of them read aloud the concluding part of the background check report.

‘I should have waited for this report!’, Mr. Collins muttered.

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