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Oil and Gas Industry is one of the highest paying industry in Nigeria (if not the highest paying). With an average industry salary of $45,000 to $140,000 per annum, the industry is the dream job destination of many average Nigerian graduates. This has however increased the rate of competition for the 0.01 percent jobs contributed by the industry to the Nigeria labour market as reported by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). This has, in turn, made hiring, managing and retaining talent increasingly difficult in the industry.

Study has revealed that there is no end in sight to this competitiveness as industry experts predict that individuals employed in the industry are expected to keep growing as they foresee more growth in Nigeria oil and gas industry.

In order to facilitate the quick onboarding of potential new hires, companies will have to prepare a streamlined, efficient hiring process. Competition for talent has never been greater. There is a need to not just screen employees to arrive at an accurate hire for job placements, but also do the screening quickly and efficiently.

Background check solutions can go a long way in easing employment screening. This article provides four pre-employment screening solutions that will not only help hire competent individuals but also help identify individuals with needed character and integrity for whatever job description.

Criminal Records Search

It is best criminal record register is conducted before making final recruitment decision.  Some states like Lagos state also have sex-offenders register that might come handy to help know if one will have to deal with workplace sexual assaults in the future.

Previous Employment Check

For non-fresh graduates with work experiences, running previous workplace assessment can be very helpful in rating job applicants’ workplace performance and behavioural traits.

Educational/Professional License Verification

Resumes and applications often contain inaccurate and/or false information that cannot be identified unless a background check is conducted. Educational credentials and other submitted credentials should be verified to ensure only qualified candidates are finally recruited.

Guarantors and Reference Check

Verifying guarantors or referees by simply putting a phone call across to them in this age is totally archaic and risky. It is advisable detailed assessment forms are passed to referred persons to be filled through a background check company to verify the identity of the guarantor or referee filling the form. These details can provide very useful information that will help arrive at accurate hiring decision.

Parting Words

Pre-employment background checks help make better hiring decisions by using past workplace performance and behavioural patterns to help predict future occurrences. This certifies that the person is who they say they are and has done what they say they have done, and they possess the skill sets to succeed in the job position they applied for, and that they are at no risk to the organisation.

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