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Verifying employees’ resume claims

Confirm educational degrees

Be always be sure they have never been convicted

Know your Doctors and Nurses before engaging them

Running corporate searches with the corporate affairs commission

Check foreigners before engaging them

Know those you relate with in all ramifications of relating and relationships

Run your due diligence before partnering

With teachers’ sex offense on the increase, schools authorities should make background check mandatory

Assisting law firms with investigative services

Insurance firms need independent claims verification before responding to claims that may be fraudulent

Embassies, Consulates and Foreign organisations can always know the reputation of organizations seeking business interests in and with their countries and organizations there

Nigerians in diaspora need to always run their due diligence before investing their hard-earned money where their eyes are not.

Are your vendors truly capable of delivering as they proposed? Check them out first.

Know those you open your homes to.

Know your prospective tenants before letting out your property.

Always be sure of their true identities before handing your vehicles to them