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Here are some salient questions you must be able to answer before you bring anyone into your home as domestic staff. These questions if answered correctly will reveal the true identities of such individuals and guarantee that you are placing the upkeep of your home in the hands of someone you can trust:

  • Are their personal details true? Is that his/her real name and identity?
  • Where does s/he stays with his/her family?
  • Can I trace him/her to their permanent residential address? Do people know him/her there?
  • Does this person have criminal record or tendencies?
  • What made them need a job now? Have they been employed before? What happened at their previous places of employment?
  • What are people saying about them in their neighbourhood and previous places of employment?
  • Is there anyone willing to stand in for them in case they perpetrate any criminal acts?

Background Check International (BCI) can help provide answers to all these questions. With their nationwide and continental coverage, BCI can help go to any extent to reveal the true identity of those you want to bring into your homes.

Contact BCI today for more advice or information on Domestic Staff Check by mailing [email protected] or [email protected], or call 01-3426267, 01-3426268, and 08099305143.

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