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The Wolf Behind The Wheel

Mr Ademola Richards sat on the edge of the iron bench, apprehensively. With a flood of emotions gushing through his veins, he was lost in between misery and annoyance. His 80 years old mother has been in the theatre for about an hour now. All he could ask for was a miracle, a plea to God for his mother’s life. It was all his fault. How could he have missed it? Tunde looked so gentle and harmless for him to be considered a threat. How wrong was he!

Two months ago, Mrs Richards clocked 80 years. Mr Ademola Richards, the CEO of a multinational company pulled a big one for his mother’s birthday celebration. Every family member present, including Mama as she is fondly called, finally agreed that an 80-year-old woman cannot continue to drive herself about. Since Mama lost her husband 10 years ago courtesy their reckless driver, she had refused to let anyone take the wheels of her jeep. Mama, blessed with clear vision, will carefully and steadily move at 60mph at best no matter how empty the road is. Every time Demola raised the issue, Mama will always wriggle her way out of the argument.

Filled with much gladness, that his mum finally agrees for a driver, he began to make contacts. Since old Mrs Richards refused her only son’s plea to buy her a new car as a birthday gift, all he could do was to get her a good driver. Mr Ademola sought the help of his best friend, James. James always seems to have solutions to every problem, getting a driver won’t be a big deal for him.

Two days later, James brought Tunde to Mr Richards as a driver. Tunde had a comely look, spoke good English and was neatly dressed. He presented his CV to him indicating that he is a graduate of Engineering from a reputable university in Nigeria. Mr Richards was overly impressed. After a brief look at his resume and a short driving test, he was to resume on Monday.

Indeed Tunde is a good driver, Strangely, Mama always complained about something. This “something” had no name. Mr Ademola had always allayed Mama’s fears, attributing her gut feelings to old age.

Mr Richards could not believe his ears this morning when he got an urgent call from the police department. His mother had been found along a bushy path, unconscious. Tunde had abandoned her there and ran away with the jeep and some other valuables. The doctors claimed she had inhaled some dangerous substances which they are still trying to identify via some series of tests.

Now, the police just revealed from their criminal records that Tunde is a notorious criminal they’ve been looking for a while. They recounted the tales of how he has done similar things to the different employers he drove. The last two, they claimed, died as a result of the incident.

It is now crystal clear to Mr Richards that he shouldn’t have judged Tunde only by mere physical outlook. If only he had contacted Background Check International for a full Drivers Background Checks on Tunde, he would not be in this predicament. All Mr Ademola could do was to keep looking to the heavens for a miracle.

Looks can be deceptive and his judgment was totally wrong.

The above piece is a true representation of happenings in different part of our country but totally fictional. Any resemblance to any real events or persons is totally coincidental.

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