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This is a short but important information to all working parents that are in dire need of domestic staff but concerned about the welfare of their wards and home.

Do you know you don’t have to panic again about whom to hire as a nanny, cook, driver, house help or security guard to take care of your home while you are away at work? Just make sure they are all BCI verified before you open your home to them. By applying BCI verification solutions you can be assured that those you entrust the welfare of your children and your home are capable and reliable hands.

BCI helps you run a thorough background check on any claims made by your domestic workers. Even if s/he claims to be a homeless orphan from a faraway village. We can help you ascertain how truthful that is. With BCI, you can be sure you are hiring the right person with the right attitude that will take care of your children. Having your domestic staff BCI verified helps you sieve out the wolves that have the tendencies of aiding and abetting miscreants in kidnapping your wards.

With BCI you can be assured that your children are in safe hands. Let your domestic staff be BCI verified.

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